Maximum floor area ratio in the South of Port Authority Subdistrict E

In the South of Port Authority Subdistrict E, residential use shall only be permitted as part of a development or enlargement on a zoning lot with a commercial floor area ratio of 15.0 or more, or as provided for phased developments in Section 93-122 (Certification for residential use in Subdistricts A, B and E).

For developments or enlargements on qualifying transit improvement sites, a floor area bonus for mass transit station improvements may be granted by the City Planning Commission pursuant to the provisions of Section 66-51 (Additional Floor Area for Mass Transit Station Improvements). As a pre-condition to applying for such floor area bonus, the applicant shall demonstrate that a floor area ratio of no less than 0.1 of the maximum floor area ratio set forth in Row C of Section 93-22 (Floor Area Regulations in Subdistricts B, C, D, E, and F), has been achieved, prior to, or in conjunction with, the application. For the purposes of this paragraph, defined terms additionally include those in Section 66-11 (Definitions).