Authorization for office use

The provisions of this Section shall apply to all developments or enlargements in the Hudson Yards Redevelopment Area, with the exception of Subdistricts F and G.

Where the amount of Use Group 6B office floor area in a development or enlargement will result in over 25 million square feet of such use developed or enlarged after January 19, 2005, within the Hudson Yards Redevelopment Area, and such development or enlargement utilizes increased floor area pursuant to Sections 23-154 (Inclusionary Housing), 93-30 (SPECIAL FLOOR AREA REGULATIONS), inclusive, or 96-25 (Floor Area Bonus for New Theater Use), such development or enlargement shall be permitted only upon authorization of the City Planning Commission that:

(a)        such development or enlargement will not require any significant additions to the supporting services of the neighborhood or that provisions for adequate supporting services have been made;

(b)        the streets providing access to the development or enlargement are adequate to handle the traffic generated thereby or provisions have been made to handle such traffic; and

(c)        such development or enlargement is consistent with the goals of the applicable special district.