Applicability of Article I, Chapter 3

Public parking lots authorized prior to January 19, 2005, and accessory off-street parking facilities for which a special permit has been granted prior to January 19, 2005, may be renewed subject to the terms of such authorization or special permit.

The provisions of Article I, Chapter 3, in their entirety shall be applied to Subdistricts F and G.

The following provisions of Article I, Chapter 3, governing automated parking facilities, automobile rental establishments, commercial vehicle parking, and off-street loading berths shall apply to Subdistricts A, B, C, D and E, as applicable:

(a)        for automated parking facilities, the provisions of paragraph (b) of Section 13-25 (Reservoir Spaces), paragraph (b) of Section 13-27 (Minimum and Maximum Size of Parking Facilities), paragraph (a)(3) of Section 36-521 (Size of spaces), and Section 36-524 (Calculating floor area in parking facilities with lift systems, or in automated parking facilities);

(b)        for automobile rental establishments, the provisions of Section 13-15 (Permitted Parking for Automobile Rental Establishments), paragraph (b) of Section 13-221 (Enclosure and screening requirements), Section 13-241 (Location of curb cuts), paragraph (b) of Section 13-242 (Maximum width of curb cuts), paragraph (c) of Section 13-25, and paragraph (c) of Section 13-27;

(c)        for commercial or public utility vehicle parking, the applicable provisions of Section 36-46 (Restrictions on the Use of Accessory Parking Spaces and Spaces in Public Parking Garages and Public Parking Lots), inclusive; and

(d)        for off-street loading berths, the provisions of Section 13-30, inclusive.

Additional provisions of Article I, Chapter 3, shall be applicable as specified in Section 93-80, inclusive.