Designated Pedestrian Ways

Within the South Street Seaport Subdistrict, the volume situated above the subsurface streets shown on the City Map, and listed in this Section are designated pedestrian ways and are governed by paragraph (b) of the definition of street as set forth in Section 91-62 (Definitions):

(a)        Fulton Street, between Water and South Streets

(b)        Water Street, between Fulton and Beekman Streets

(c)        Front Street, between Fulton and Beekman Streets, and between John and Fulton Streets

(d)        South Street (the 18-foot-wide strip located on the northwesterly side), between Beekman and John Streets.

In addition, the designated pedestrian ways referenced in paragraphs (a), (b) and (c) of this Section may be considered a single zoning lot for purposes of the definition of large-scale general development in Section 12-10 (Definitions).