In districts with high, medium or low parking requirements

C1-1 C1-2 C1-3 C2-1 C2-2 C2-3 C3 C4-1 C4-2 C4-3 C7 C8-1 C8-2

In the districts indicated, except for the uses listed in Section 36-233 (Exceptions to application of waiver provisions), and except as otherwise provided in Section 36-27 (Waiver for Certain Small Zoning Lots), the parking requirements set forth in Sections 36-21 (General Provisions) or 36-22 (Special Provisions for a Single Zoning Lot With Uses Subject to Different Parking Requirements) shall not apply to commercial uses in parking requirement category A, B, B1, C, D, E or H, or to permitted community facility uses, if the total number of accessory off-street parking spaces required for all such uses on the zoning lot is less than the number of spaces set forth in the following table:


Number of Spaces

C1-1 C2-1 C3 C4-1


C1-2 C2-2 C4-2 C8-1


C1-3 C2-3 C4-2A C4-3 C7 C8-2