Curb cut regulations for community facilities

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In all districts, as indicated, any development or enlargement containing a community facility use with an unenclosed parking area shall comply with the provisions of this Section.

Curb cuts serving one travel lane shall have a maximum width of 12 feet, excluding splays, and curb cuts serving two travel lanes shall have a maximum width of 24 feet, excluding splays. For parking lots with more than 100 parking spaces, curb cuts of up to 30 feet, excluding splays, shall be permitted.

However, where Fire Department regulations set forth in the Administrative Code of the City of New York require curb cuts of greater width, such curb cuts may be increased to the minimum width acceptable to the Fire Department.

For zoning lots with 100 feet or less of street frontage, only two curb cuts shall be permitted. For every additional 50 feet of street frontage, one additional curb cut shall be permitted.

A minimum distance of 18 feet from any other curb cut on the same or adjacent zoning lots shall be maintained, except where the Commissioner of Buildings determines that, due to the location of curb cuts constructed prior to November 28, 2007, on adjacent zoning lots, there is no way to locate the curb cut 18 feet from such adjacent existing curb cuts.