Modifications of Height and Setback Regulations

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In all districts, as indicated, for certain community facility uses in specified situations, the Board of Standards and Appeals may modify the regulations set forth in Sections 24-50 through 24-55, inclusive, and paragraphs (b) through (d) of Section 24-56, relating to height and setback regulations, in accordance with the provisions of Section 73-64 (Modifications for Community Facility Uses). However, for Quality Housing buildings utilizing the height and setback regulations of Article II, Chapter 3, as required by Section 24-50, the Board shall not permit modification to the provisions of Sections 23-67 through 23-69, inclusive.

In Community District 6 in the Borough of Brooklyn, the following streets shall be considered narrow streets for the purposes of applying height and setback regulations: Second, Carroll and President Streets, between Smith and Hoyt Streets; First Place, Second Place, Third Place and Fourth Place.