Planting Strips in Residence Districts

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In the districts indicated, the following shall provide and maintain a planting strip in accordance with Section 26-42:

(a)        developments, or enlargements that increase the floor area on a zoning lot by 20 percent or more. However, planting strips shall not be required for enlargements of single- or two-family residences, except as provided in paragraph (b) of this Section;

(b)        enlargements of single- or two-family residences by 20 percent or more within the following special purpose districts:

Special Bay Ridge District;

Special Downtown Jamaica District;

Special Hillsides Preservation District;

Special Ocean Parkway District;

Special South Richmond Development District;

(c)        conversions of 20 percent or more of the floor area of a building to a residential use; or

(d)        construction of a detached garage that is 400 square feet or greater.