General Provisions

In harmony with the general purpose and intent of this Resolution, and the general purposes of the sidewalk cafe regulations, certain specified regulations concerning area eligibility, sidewalk locational criteria and physical criteria for sidewalk cafes, in general, and specifically for enclosed sidewalk cafes, are herein established.

The three types of sidewalk cafes that are permitted by the regulations of this Chapter and defined in Section 12-10 (DEFINITIONS) are enclosed sidewalk cafes, unenclosed sidewalk cafes and small sidewalk cafes.

The amendments to Article I, Chapter 4, adopted by the City Council on January 29, 2003, shall become effective March 27, 2003.

Physical criteria, including structural and operational requirements for sidewalk cafes, and unenclosed sidewalk cafes in particular, shall be regulated by the Department of Consumer Affairs and found in Title 6, Chapter 2, Subchapter F., of the Rules of the City of New York.

Licenses for all sidewalk cafes must be obtained from the Department of Consumer Affairs, or its successor.