Flushing East Subarea

In the Flushing East Subarea, the following height and setback modifications shall apply:

(a)        Wide street designation

For purposes of applying the height and setback controls, Flushing Avenue shall be deemed a wide street.

(b)        Street wall location

The street wall of any development or horizontal enlargement within the Flushing East Subarea shall be located at least 50 feet from the Flushing Avenue street line. The area between such development or horizontal enlargement and the adjoining street shall be improved as publicly accessible space in accordance with Section 144-30 (SPECIAL PUBLIC ACCESS AREA REGULATIONS).

(c)        View corridors

View corridors with a minimum width of 50 feet shall be provided:

(1)        within the Vanderbilt Avenue view corridor; and

(2)        within one of the Clinton Avenue or Waverly Avenue view corridors.

The locations of such required view corridors are designated on Map 4 in the Appendix to this Chapter.

No development or enlargement may be located in the required view corridors, provided that gates and fencing, entry signage, sentry booths, and other entry and security measures may be located within such areas. Any gates or fencing shall be designed to allow for views into the Special Brooklyn Navy Yard District.