Subdistricts and Subareas

In order to carry out the purposes and provisions of this Chapter, four subdistricts are established within the Special Brooklyn Navy Yard District comprised of three perimeter subdistricts and one core subdistrict for the remainder of the Yard. In addition, one subarea is established within the Navy Street Subdistrict, two subareas are established within the Flushing Subdistrict and two subareas are established within the Barge Basin Subdistrict.

Perimeter Subdistricts

Navy Street Subdistrict

Navy Street Central Subarea

Flushing Subdistrict

Flushing West Subarea

Flushing East Subarea

Barge Basin Subdistrict

Barge Basin East Subarea

Barge Basin West Subarea

Core Subdistrict

The boundaries of the Subdistricts are shown in Map 1 and the boundaries of the Subareas are shown on Maps 2 through 4 in the Appendix to this Chapter.