Special Natural Area District-1:

Emerson Hill, Dongan Hills, Todt Hill, Lighthouse Hill and the Central Wetlands Area of Staten Island

The central, serpentine, hilly spine of Staten Island is composed of Emerson Hill, Dongan Hills, Todt Hill and Lighthouse Hill. These hills are richly endowed with steep slopes, rock outcrops, erratic boulders and ponds, lakes, swamps, creeks and many trees of the glaciated Oak-Chestnut association.

To the south and west of the serpentine hills are tidal wetlands, a habitat for marine life and water fowl. The wetlands include parts of Latourette Park, Fresh Kills Park and New Springville Park. The high and low wetlands of Latourette Park and New Springville Park and most of the low wetlands of Fresh Kills Park remain in their natural state. The purpose of this Special Natural Area District is to preserve and protect the aforementioned natural features pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter.