Within a Special Natural Area District, any zoning lot existing on the effective date of the Special District designation may be subdivided into two or more zoning lots, provided that natural features are preserved to the greatest extent possible under future development options.

A plan for such subdivision shall be filed with the City Planning Commission and the Commission shall certify that such subdivision complies with this objective. The subdivision plan shall include a survey map indicating existing topography and other natural features within this area. When a zoning lot, existing on the effective date of the Special District designation, is more than 10 acres and is intended to be subdivided, an area plan of the entire zoning lot shall be filed with the Commission. The area plan shall include the proposed street system within the area, block layouts and any other information required by the Commission.

When any zoning lot is subdivided into two or more zoning lots, all resulting zoning lots that lie substantially within a steep slope area existing as of December 19, 1974, shall be subject to the steep slope provisions of Section 105-50 (REGULATIONS FOR PROTECTION OF NATURAL FEATURES) and all other provisions of this Chapter, as applicable.

In the event that natural features on any zoning lot subject to the provisions of Section 105-02 (General Provisions) proposed for subdivision have been removed, altered, relocated or replaced from the zoning lot without prior approval by the Commission, as set forth in Section 105-40 (SPECIAL REVIEW PROVISIONS), the Commission shall not approve the subdivision until violations are removed from the zoning lot in accordance with the Commission's requirements under Section 105-45 (Certification of Restoration Plans).