For any development, enlargement or site alteration on a tract of land within a Special Natural Area District, the City Planning Commission may require a maintenance plan for a natural feature. Where a maintenance plan is required, approval of the development plan and the granting of any certification, authorization or special permit shall be conditioned upon the Commission's approval of the maintenance plan.

The maintenance plan shall specify what the maintenance is to consist of and whose responsibility it will be, and shall provide assurance that maintenance will be satisfactorily executed. The Commission, in considering the maintenance needs of a particular natural feature and the content of an acceptable maintenance plan shall, where appropriate, refer all relevant plans to the Landmarks Preservation Commission, Department of Parks or other City agency with primary responsibilities in natural areas conservation, for its report thereon. The Commission shall, in its determination, give due consideration to any such report submitted within one month from the date of referral. If such City agency does not report within one month, the Commission may make a final determination without reference thereto.

For natural features for which the Commission determines that specialized maintenance and regulated public use are appropriate, the maintenance plan may provide for dedication of the natural feature to the City or an approved private conservation organization for responsible maintenance in the public interest.