Special Submission Requirements for Authorizations on Tier II Sites

When a development, enlargement or site alteration is on a Tier II site, an application to the City Planning Commission for an authorization shall include the following submission requirements. These requirements shall be in addition to the requirements set forth in Section 105-40 (SPECIAL REVIEW PROVISIONS).

(a)        A drainage plan and soil report prepared by a professional engineer to protect natural features. The drainage plan shall describe the temporary (during construction) and permanent measures to collect, direct and discharge stormwater drainage from the site, indicating the direction of drainage flow and providing detailed plans and locations of all surface and subsurface drainage devices, walls, dams, sediment basins, stormwater storage (detention and retention) facilities, and other drainage facilities and protective devices. Such report shall include an estimate of runoff from the site after completion of proposed developments, enlargements or site alterations and provide a description with supporting information of the manner in which the proposed development, enlargement or site alteration complies with the requirements of Local Law 103 of 1989.

(b)        An erosion and sedimentation plan as described in Section 105-37 (Special Erosion and Sedimentation Prevention Requirements for Authorizations for Tier II Sites).

(c)        For any development or site alteration on a tract of land 40,000 square feet or greater, a landscape plan prepared by a registered landscape architect that shows the location and species of all new plantings of trees, shrubs and ground covers and the proposed method of preserving existing trees, shrubs and ground covers.

(d)        Any other information the Commission may deem necessary to evaluate the request.

The applicant's submission shall also include a statement admitting authorized Department of City Planning personnel to the site for the purposes of recording or verifying survey data.