Actions not requiring special review

The special review requirements of Section 105-40 (SPECIAL REVIEW PROVISIONS) of this Chapter shall not apply to the following:

(a)        a site alteration on a zoning lot containing buildings or other structures, or a development or enlargement on any zoning lot, provided that such zoning lots shall have:

(1)        not more than 10,000 square feet of lot area;

(2)        an average percent of slope of less than 10 percent;

(3)        no significant natural features, and the resulting development, enlargement or site alteration can satisfy the requirements of Section 105-30 (PRESERVATION OF NATURAL FEATURES), inclusive;

(4)        the resulting development, enlargement or site alteration not exceed 2,500 square feet of lot coverage; and

(5)        no Notice of Restriction or Restrictive Declaration recorded against the title of such property;

(b)        any site alteration, on a zoning lot containing a residential building in existence on the effective date of the Special District designation, involving a structure that does not require a permit from the Department of Buildings, including, but not limited to swimming pools, garden sheds and fences, provided that:

(1)        any modification of topography for the footprint, foundation or grading around the footprint of such structure shall not exceed two feet of cut or fill; and

(2)        no tree of six-inch caliper or greater shall be removed and the critical root zone of such tree shall be an area of no disturbance on any zoning lot.