On all zoning lots located entirely or partially within a

Special Scenic View District, the City Planning Commission, by special permit, may allow penetration by a sign or building or other structure of a view plane and grant minor modifications of open space, lot coverage, yards and height and setback regulations of the underlying district. As a condition for such modifications, the Commission shall find:

(a)        that any penetration of a view plane shall not significantly obstruct the scenic view which is to be protected by the provisions of this Chapter;

(b)        that any penetration of a view plane will cause the minimal obstruction consistent with reasonable development and bulk distribution on the zoning lot; and

(c)        that any bulk modifications on a zoning lot will not affect adversely any other zoning lots outside the development, by restricting access of light and air.

In reaching a determination for such modifications, the Commission shall be guided by the description of the scenic view to be made part of this Chapter at the time of the designation of a Special Scenic View District.

The Commission may prescribe appropriate conditions and safeguards to protect the scenic view and to minimize the adverse effects on the character of the surrounding areas.