Special Permit for Limited Bulk Modifications for Certain Large-scale Community Facility Developments

For large-scale community facility developments located within the boundaries of Community Districts 8 and 12 in the Borough of Manhattan, that contain community facility uses specified in Section 73-64 (Modifications for Community Facility Uses), the City Planning Commission may, by special permit, permit modification of regulations relating to height and setback on the periphery of the large-scale community facility development, courts and distance between windows and walls or lot lines not otherwise allowed in Section 79-21 (General Provisions). As a condition for such action, the Commission shall find that such modification:

(a)        is required in order to enable the large-scale community facility development to provide an essential service to the community;

(b)        will provide a more satisfactory physical relationship to the existing buildings which form the large-scale community facility development, and provide a more efficient and integrated site plan;

(c)        will better complement the existing character of the neighborhood;

(d)        will not unduly increase the bulk of buildings in any block to the detriment of the occupants or users of buildings in the block or nearby blocks; and

(e)        will not adversely affect any other zoning lots or streets outside the large-scale community facility development by unduly restricting access to light and air.