Bonus for enclosed parking

In R4 or R5 Districts, or in Commercial Districts in which residential buildings are governed by the bulk regulations of such Residence Districts, for any large-scale residential development which complies with the provisions of Section 78-34 (Special Permit Provisions for Certain Large-scale Developments), the permitted residential floor area ratio may be increased over the amount earned by other provisions of Section 78-35 (Special Bonus Provisions) and the required open space ratio for the large-scale residential development as a whole correspondingly decreased as set forth in this Section provided that at least two-thirds of the required off-street parking is enclosed.


Increase in Floor Area Ratio

Decrease in Open Space Ratio







For any large-scale residential developments comprising buildings of not more than four stories receiving a bonus under this Section, the Commission may modify where appropriate the requirements of Section 23-12 (Permitted Obstructions in Open Space), paragraph (e).