Bonus for community facility space

In R3-2, R4 and R5 Districts, or in Commercial Districts in which residential buildings are governed by the bulk regulations of such Residence Districts, for any large-scale residential development which complies with the provisions of Section 78-34 (Special Permit Provisions for Certain Large-scale Developments), the permitted residential floor area ratio, required open space ratio, and required floor area per dwelling unit for the large-scale residential development as a whole may be modified as set forth in this Section, provided floor space for community facility use and/or a program for improvement and maintenance for parks not included in the City capital budget is provided as required in paragraph (b) of this Section.

(a)        Permitted Floor Area Ratio and Required Open Space Ratio:


Maximum Floor Area Ratio

Minimum Open Space Ratio










The maximum number of dwelling units shall equal the total residential
floor area permitted divided by the applicable factor in Section 23-20 (DENSITY REGULATIONS).

(b)        There shall be at least 15 square feet of community facility floor space for each dwelling unit within the large-scale residential development and/or a substantial park area located adjacent to or within a reasonable distance from the large-scale residential development. Such space shall be used for schools where the need is certified by the Board of Education and where the Board agrees to lease such space at no cost. Otherwise such space shall be allocated for one or more uses as specified in this Section where the need for such space has been certified by the City Planning Commission and a City Department agrees to lease such space at no cost. If such certification and agreement are not obtained in either case, the Commission shall approve any private community facility proposed to be rented or maintained by the developer, or the homeowners' association or other entity owning the common elements of the large-scale residential development. In no case shall the size of an individual use be less than the amount set forth in this Section.

Community Facility

Size (in square feet)

Day care center


Ambulatory care center




Senior citizen center


Community center


Indoor recreation center


In the case of a program for improvement and/or maintenance for parks which is eligible for a bonus pursuant to this Section, comparable improvements and maintenance costs for an equivalent amount of the required community facility space shall be incurred.

(c)        In no event shall the total floor area for any development constructed pursuant to the Provisions Section exceed the maximum floor area ratio for community facility uses permitted by the applicable district regulations.