As a condition precedent to the granting of authorizations under the provisions of Section 78-311 (Authorizations by the City Planning Commission) or a special permit under the provisions of Section 78-312 (Special permits by the City Planning Commission), the Commission shall make the following findings:

(a)        that such modifications will aid in achieving the general purposes and intent of this Chapter as set forth in Section 78-01 (General Purposes);

(b)        that such distribution of floor area, dwelling units, rooming units, open spaces, locations of buildings, or location of primary business entrances, show windows or signs will permit better site planning and will thus benefit both the residents of the large-scale residential development and the City as a whole;

(c)        that such distribution or location will not unduly increase the bulk of buildings, density of population, or intensity of use in any block, to the detriment of the occupants of buildings in the block or nearby blocks;

(d)        that such distribution or location will not affect adversely any other zoning lots outside the large-scale residential development by restricting access to light and air or by creating traffic congestion;

(e)        where portions of the total required open space are pooled in common open space areas or common parking areas, that such common areas will, by location, size, shape and other physical characteristics, and by their relationship to surrounding development and the circulation system, permit realization of the full community service of advantages for which such pooled areas are designed;

(f)        where one or more zoning lots in the large-scale residential development do not abut mapped streets, that suitable private access to mapped streets will be provided conforming to standards which will ensure adequate circulation and make adequate provision for public services; and

(g)        the modification of height and setback will not impair the essential character of the surrounding area and will not have adverse effects upon the access to light, air and privacy of adjacent properties.