Modification of Use, Bulk, Parking and Loading Regulations in Industrial Business Incentive Areas

For developments or enlargements on zoning lots located within any Industrial Business Incentive Area specified on the map in this Section, the City Planning Commission may increase the maximum permitted floor area ratio and modify the use, bulk and public plaza regulations as set forth in Section 74-962 (Floor area increase and public plaza modifications in Industrial Business Incentive Areas). The Commission may also modify parking and loading requirements for such developments or enlargements pursuant to Section 74-963 (Parking and loading modifications in Industrial Business Incentive Areas).

For developments or enlargements receiving a floor area increase pursuant to this Section, Section 43-20 (YARD REGULATIONS), inclusive, shall be modified as follows: rear yard regulations shall not apply to any development or enlargement on a through lot.

Map of Industrial Business Incentive Areas

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Portion of Community District 1, Borough of Brooklyn