Industrial Business Incentive Areas

For developments or enlargements on zoning lots located within any Industrial Business Incentive Area specified on the maps in Section 74-968 (Maps of Industrial Business Incentive Areas), the City Planning Commission may increase the maximum permitted floor area ratio in accordance with Section 74-963 (Permitted floor area increase). In conjunction with such floor area increase, the Commission may permit modifications to other bulk regulations, provisions for publicly accessible open spaces, as well as parking and loading requirements for such developments or enlargements, pursuant to Section 74-964 (Modifications in conjunction with a floor area increase).

All applications for a special permit pursuant to this Section, inclusive, shall be subject to the requirements, conditions and findings set forth in Section 74-962 (Application requirements), Section 74-965 (Conditions), Section 74-966 (Findings), and Section 74-967 (Compliance, recordation and reporting requirements).