Modifications of Housing Quality Special Permits

Housing Quality developments granted a special permit by the Board of Estimate, prior to August 14, 1987, may be started or continued pursuant to that special permit.

The City Planning Commission may, upon application, authorize modifications of special permits granted before August 14, 1987, under previous Sections 74-95 (Housing Quality Developments) and 74-97 (Special Provisions for a Housing Quality Development on a Through Lot Divided by Residence-Manufacturing District Boundaries with a Substantial Grade Differential).

No such modification may create a new non-compliance or increase the degree of an existing non-compliance.

Non-compliance shall be measured pursuant to the applicable district bulk regulations and the provisions of Article II, Chapter 8.

In no event may the Commission grant a modification of a previously approved special permit, which would:

(a)        increase the height of the building;

(b)        extend the location of the exterior walls of the building;

(c)        increase the portion of the zoning lot covered by the building;

(d)        increase the floor area on the zoning lot;

(e)        reduce the amount of indoor and outdoor recreation space other than laundry rooms in the building;

(f)        reduce the amount of bulk storage within a dwelling unit or reduce shared bulk storage below 40 cubic feet of storage space for each additional 300 square feet of dwelling unit, or portion thereof, above 450 square feet; or

(g)        affect the provision and maintenance of off-site neighborhood improvements.