Large-scale General Development

For large-scale general developments involving several zoning lots but planned as a unit, the district regulations may impose unnecessary rigidities and thereby prevent achievement of the best possible site plan within the overall density and bulk controls. The regulations of this Section are designed to allow greater flexibility for the purpose of securing better site planning, while safeguarding the present or future use and development of the surrounding area.

No portion of a large-scale general development shall contain:

(a)        any use not permitted by the applicable district regulations for such portion, except as otherwise provided in Section 74-744 (Modification of use regulations). When an existing building in a large-scale general development is occupied by a non-conforming use, any enlargement of such existing building shall be subject to the requirements set forth in Section 52-00 (DEFINITIONS AND GENERAL PROVISIONS);

(b)        any zoning lot, or portion thereof, that is part of a large-scale residential development or large-scale community facility development.