Public Transit, Railroad or Electric Utility Substations

In all Residence and Commercial Districts, and in M1 Districts in the Special Downtown Jamaica District, the City Planning Commission may permit electric utility substations (including transformers, switches, or auxiliary apparatus) or public transit or railroad electric substations, limited in each case to a site of not less than 40,000 square feet nor more than 10 acres, provided that the following findings are made:

(a)        that there are serious difficulties in locating such use in a nearby district where it is permitted as-of-right;

(b)        that the site for such use is so located as to minimize the adverse effects on the integrity of existing and future development;

(c)        that the architectural and landscaping treatment of such use will blend harmoniously with the rest of the area; and

(d)        that such use will conform to the performance standards applicable to M1 Districts.

The City Planning Commission may prescribe appropriate conditions and safeguards to minimize adverse effects on the character of the surrounding area, including requirements for soundproofing of electric substations, for the construction of fences, barriers, or other safety devices, for surfacing of all access roads and driveways, for shielding of floodlights or other artificial illumination, or for landscaping or screening.