In appropriate cases, for zoning lots with single frontage, the Board of Standards and Appeals may permit primary business entrances, show windows, or signs not otherwise permitted under the provisions of Section 32-51 or 42-44 (Limitations on Business Entrances, Show Windows or Signs), provided that in no case shall any such primary business entrance, show window or sign be permitted within 10 feet of a Residence District boundary.

In addition, in appropriate cases, the Board may waive the requirements for rear yards or side yards set forth in Sections 33-29 or 43-30 (SPECIAL PROVISIONS APPLYING ALONG DISTRICT BOUNDARIES) or the requirements for front yards as set forth in Section 34-233 (Special provisions applying along district boundaries).

It is further provided that, in appropriate cases, the Board may waive in whole or in part the front yard requirement set forth in Section 43-304 (Required front yards along district boundary located in a street) after finding that such waiver will not have an adverse effect on the surrounding area. The Board shall prescribe appropriate conditions and safeguards to preserve and enhance the character of the surrounding area, and to ensure the maintenance of resulting front yards.