For houses of worship

The Board of Standards and Appeals may modify, as applicable, the provisions of Sections 25-53 (Off-site Spaces for Permitted Non-residential Uses), 25-542 (Shared parking facilities for houses of worship), 36-43 (Off-site Spaces for Commercial or Community Facility Uses), 36-442 (Shared parking facilities for houses of worship), 44-32 (Off-site Spaces for All Permitted Uses) or 44-332 (Shared facilities for houses of worship), relating to the maximum permitted distance of the location of accessory off-street parking spaces for houses of worship, provided that in such instances all such spaces shall be not further than 1,000 feet from the nearest boundary of the zoning lot containing such house of worship, upon finding that:

(a)        such spaces conform to all applicable regulations of the district in which they are located; and

(b)        the location of such spaces will not result in undue traffic congestion in the area.

The Board may impose appropriate conditions and safeguards to minimize adverse effects on the character of the surrounding area.