Camps, Overnight or Outdoor Day

In all Residence Districts, and in C1, C2 or C3 Districts, the Board of Standards and Appeals may permit overnight or outdoor day camps, whether commercial or philanthropic, for a term not to exceed five years, provided that the Board finds that such use will not cause excessive traffic congestion.

The Board shall prescribe the following conditions:

(a)        that a minimum of 150 square feet of lot area is provided for each child enrolled in the camp;

(b)        that along any rear or side lot lines, yards are provided, each with a minimum depth (or width) of 40 feet, within which no camp equipment is affixed to the land;

(c)        that in Residence Districts or C3 Districts the zoning lot is screened along the rear and side lot lines, and in C1 or C2 Districts along any rear or side lot line adjoining a Residence District, by a strip at least four feet wide, densely planted with shrubs or trees which are at least four feet high at the time of planting and which are of a type which may be expected to form a year-round dense screen at least six feet high within three years; and

(d)        that in the case of outdoor day camps, for each 6,000 square feet of lot area, one accessory off-street parking space of 500 square feet is provided to accommodate buses used in the transportation of campers, in addition to the accessory off-street parking requirement established for such uses under the applicable provisions of Sections 25-31 or 36-21 (General Provisions).

The Board may prescribe additional appropriate conditions and safeguards to minimize adverse effects on the character of the surrounding area.