Authorization to Waive Midblock Transition Portion Height Limitation

For a zoning lot in the Upper East Side Historic District, which zoning lot also contains a landmark building or style building to be preserved or, where a zoning lot is not located in the Upper East Side Historic District and the zoning lot contains a building to be preserved which the Landmarks Preservation Commission has designated as a landmark or certifies in a report by the staff or the Commission to be comparable to a style building, the City Planning Commission may authorize the waiver of the requirements of Section 99-054 (Maximum building height), paragraph (b), provided the City Planning Commission finds that:

(a)        the development or enlargement complies with the goals and purposes of the Special Madison Avenue Preservation District, as specified in Section 99-00 (GENERAL PURPOSES);

(b)        the development or enlargement will not alter either the character of the neighborhood or the character sought to be achieved by the Special District;

(c)        the development or enlargement will have a harmonious relationship with the building to be preserved; and

(d)        the Landmarks Preservation Commission reports that a program for continued maintenance of the building to be preserved has been established.