Uses not permitted on the ground floor of buildings

The following uses are not permitted within stories that have a floor level within five feet of curb level in buildings developed after April 30, 2008, or within stories that have a floor level within five feet of curb level within portions of buildings enlarged after April 30, 2008, where such building or portion of a building fronts upon 125th Street, or is within 100 feet from 125th Street. Entranceways and lobby space for access to such uses shall be permitted at the ground floor level, pursuant to the provisions of Section 97-213 (Access to non-ground floor uses).

From Use Group 2:

All uses.

From Use Group 3A:

All uses, except for libraries, museums or non-commercial art galleries.

From Use Groups 4A and 4B:

All uses, except for houses of worship or playgrounds.

From Use Group 5A:

All uses.

From Use Groups 6A, 6B and 6C:

Banks (except for automated teller machines, provided the width of street frontage allocated for automated teller machines shall be no more than 25 feet or 40 percent of the frontage of the zoning lot, whichever is less, measured to a depth of 30 feet from 125th Street, except that such frontage need not be less than 20 feet), electrolysis studios, frozen food lockers, laundry establishments, loan offices, offices or veterinary medicine offices.

From Use Group 6D:

All uses.

From Use Group 7:

All uses, except for bicycle rental or repair shops.

From Use Groups 8A and 8B:

Automobile driving schools, ice vending machines, lumber stores or pawn shops.

From Use Groups 8C and 8D:

All uses.

From Use Groups 9A and 9B:

All uses, except for health and fitness establishments, public auction rooms, photographic developing or printing establishments for the consumer, or art, music, dancing or theatrical studios.

From Use Groups 10A and 10B:

Depositories for storage, and wholesale offices or showrooms.

Use Group 11:

All uses.

Use Groups 12A and 12B:

Trade expositions.

Use Groups 12C and 12D:

All uses.

Use Group 14A and 14B:

All uses, except for bicycle sales, rental or repair shops.

Within the Special District, for such developments and enlargements that are no more than one story, a use permitted by the regulations of the underlying district shall be allowed.