Floor area increase for affordable housing in Subdistrict F

The floor area of any building containing residences in Subdistrict F may be increased by up to five percent, and such increase may be in excess of the maximum floor area ratio of 8.0 for residential use, and the total maximum floor area ratio of 10.0, provided that:

(a)        at least 20 percent of the residential units in such building, inclusive of any floor area increase permitted by this Section, shall be occupied by low income households, as defined in Section 23-911 (General definitions);

(b)        such building shall comply with the provisions of:

(1)        Section 23-953 (Additional requirements for compensated developments and MIH developments);

(2)        Section 23-96 (Requirements for Generating Sites or MIH Sites), paragraphs (b) through (i); and;

(3)        Section 23-961 (Additional requirements for rental affordable housing), paragraphs (a) through (d); and

(c)        the sum of all floor area increases permitted pursuant to this Section does not exceed 0.4 times the total lot area of Subdistrict F.