Use Group VIII – uses subject to size limitations

For uses denoted with an “S” in Section 42-181 (Use Group VIII– general use allowances), the specific size limitations shall be as follows:#

  1. Outdoor amusement parks in all Manufacturing Districts are limited to 10,000 square feet of lot area. However, in M1 Districts, such use# may exceed a lot area of 10,000 square feet by special permit by the Board of Standards and Appeals, in accordance with Section 73-183 (Outdoor Amusement Parks).
  2. Arenas, auditoriums or stadiums in all Manufacturing Districts are limited to a maximum capacity of 2,500 seats and trade expositions are limited to a rated capacity for not more than 2,500 persons, as determined by the Commissioner of Buildings. Such facilities may exceed a capacity of 2,500 seats or 2,500 persons by special permit of the City Planning Commission, in accordance with Section 74-182 (Arenas, auditoriums, stadiums or trade expositions).