Use Group VI – uses subject to additional conditions

For uses denoted with a “P” in Section 42-161 (Use Group VI – general use allowances), the following provisions shall apply:

  1. For car washes in all Manufacturing Districts, reservoir space for not less than 10 automobiles per washing lane shall be provided on the zoning lot.
  2. Recreational boat repair services in all Manufacturing Districts shall be restricted to boats less than 100 feet in length.
  3. The following uses in all Manufacturing Districts shall conform to the performance standards as set forth in Sections 42-40 (PERFORMANCE STANDARDS) through 42-48 (Performance Standards Regulating Humidity, Heat or Glare), inclusive:

    Automotive service stations

    Car wash

    Carpet upholstery cleaning services

    Commercial and industrial machinery and equipment repair and maintenance


    Fuel dealers

    Heavy motor vehicle repair and maintenance shops

    Home and garden equipment and appliance repair and maintenance

    Industrial dry cleaning and laundry services

    Light motor vehicle repair and maintenance shops

    Personal dry cleaning services

    Technical and trade schools

    Veterinary services.