Use Group IV – uses subject to additional conditions

For uses denoted with a “P” in Section 42-141 (Use Group IV – general use allowances), the following provisions shall apply:

  1. For telephone or other communications equipment structures in all Manufacturing Districts, and not existing on December 15, 1961, the height above curb level shall not exceed that attributable to commercial buildings of equivalent lot coverage, having an average floor to floor height of 14 feet above the lobby floor which may be as much as 25 feet in height. For the purpose of making this height computation, the gross area of all floors of the building including accessory mechanical equipment space except the cellar shall be included as floor area. Such height computation for the structure shall not preclude the ability to utilize unused floor area anywhere on the zoning lot or by special permit, subject to the normal provisions of the Resolution.
  2. Docks for any vessels are permitted in all Manufacturing Districts, except that docks for gambling vessels may be permitted by special permit of the City Planning Commission, in accordance with Section 62-838 (Docks for gambling vessels).
  3. Where permitted, the following uses shall conform with the applicable performance standards set forth in Sections 42-40 (PERFORMANCE STANDARDS) through 42-48 (Performance Standards Regulating Humidity, Heat or Glare):



    Dumps, recycling or material recovery facilities, marine transfer stations for garbage or slag piles

    Electric power or steam generating plants

    Electric utility substation

    Freight terminals, yards or appurtenances, or facilities or services used or required in railroad operations, but not including passenger stations

    Incineration or reduction of garbage or slag piles

    Public transit or railroad electric substations

    Public transit yards

    Radioactive waste disposal services involving the handling or storage of radioactive waste

    Sewage disposal plants

    Truck weighing stations.