Use Group III – uses subject to additional conditions

For uses denoted with a “P” in Section 42-131 (Use Group III – general use allowances), the following provisions shall apply:

  1. Ambulatory diagnostic or treatment health care facilities in all M1 Districts shall be limited to public, private, for-profit or not-for-profit medical, health and mental health care facilities licensed by the State of New York, or a facility in which patients are diagnosed or treated by health care professionals, licensed by the State of New York or by persons under the supervision of such licensee for medical, health or mental health conditions, and where such patients are ambulatory rather than admitted. Such facilities shall not include the practice of veterinary medicine or ophthalmic dispensing.
  2. Non-profit, voluntary or proprietary hospitals and related facilities in M1 Districts, except animal hospitals, shall be limited to facilities requiring approval under Article 28 of the Public Health Law of the State of New York that, prior to July 10, 1974, have received approval of Part I of the required application from the Commissioner of Health.
  3. Museums in all Manufacturing Districts are permitted provided that they are ancillary to existing motion picture production studios or radio or television studios, and provided they are located within 500 feet of such studios and do not exceed 75,000 square feet of floor area. However, museums of any type may be permitted by special permit of the City Planning Commission, in accordance with Section 74-134 (Other community facility uses in M1 Districts).