Additional amenities

Public plazas between 5,000 and 10,000 square feet in area must provide one of the following additional amenities and public plazas greater than 10,000 square feet in area must provide at least three of the following additional amenities. All additional amenities shall be considered permitted obstructions within the public plaza.

(a)        Artwork

Artwork that is provided as an additional amenity must integrate with the design of the public plaza. Artwork shall not interfere with public access, circulation or visual openness within the public plaza or between the public plaza and adjoining public areas. Artwork may not incorporate addresses, text or logos related to the adjacent building or tenants of such building;

(b)        Moveable tables and chairs, as described in paragraph (4) of Section 37-741;

(c)        Water features (such as fountains, reflecting pools, waterfalls);

(d)        Children’s play area;

(e)        Equipment provided as part of children’s play areas must be designed and constructed in accordance with applicable United States Consumer Products Safety Commission standards and best practices, including installation of protective surfaces and barriers. All barriers surrounding play areas shall be designed to allow for the adequate supervision of children at play and shall in all cases be substantially transparent and no more than 3 feet, 6 inches in height;

(f)        Game tables and associated seating; or

(g)        Food service, including:

(1)        food service in a retail space directly accessible from the major portion of the public plaza; or

(2)        an open air cafe or kiosk, as described in Section 37-73.

Public plazas greater than 10,000 square feet in area and associated with a commercial building must include a food service as one of the three additional required amenities.