Sidewalk frontage

To facilitate pedestrian access to a public plaza, the following rules shall apply to the area of the public plaza located within 15 feet of a street line or sidewalk widening line:

(a)        At least 50 percent of such area shall be free of obstructions and comply with the following provisions:


(1)        at least 50 percent of the public plaza frontage along each street line or sidewalk widening line shall be free of obstructions; and

(2)        such unobstructed access area shall extend to a depth of 15 feet measured perpendicular to the street line. The width of such access area need not be contiguous provided that no portion of such area shall have a width of less than five feet measured parallel to the street line, and at least one portion of such area shall have a width of at least eight feet measured parallel to the street line.

(b)        In the remaining 50 percent of such area, only those obstructions listed in Section 37-726 (Permitted obstructions) shall be allowed, provided such obstructions are not higher than two feet above the level of the public sidewalk fronting the public plaza, except for light stanchions, public space signage, railings for steps, qualifying exterior wall thickness pursuant to Section 33-23 (Permitted Obstructions in Required Yards or Rear Yard Equivalents), trash receptacles, trees and fixed or moveable seating and tables. Furthermore, planting walls or trellises, water features and artwork may exceed a height of two feet when located within three feet of a wall bounding the public plaza.

For corner public plazas, the requirements of this Section shall apply separately to each street frontage, and the area within 15 feet of the intersection of any two or more streets on which the public plaza fronts shall be at the same elevation as the adjoining public sidewalk and shall be free of obstructions.