Restrictions on orientation

For purposes of the orientation requirements, a "north-facing," "south-facing," "east-facing" or "west-facing" street line means a street line facing within 45 degrees of the direction indicated. To front on a street means to be contiguous to the street line or to a sidewalk widening along the street line.

(a)        Where the major portion of a public plaza fronts on only one street line, such major portion is not permitted to front on a north-facing street line of a zoning lot.

(b)        No major portion of a public plaza shall only front on a west-facing street line or an east-facing street line if the zoning lot also has frontage that is 40 feet or more in length on a south-facing street line.

(c)        A corner public plaza must have its major portion, as defined in paragraph (b) of Section 37-715, front on the south-facing street line. In the case of a zoning lot having frontage on a south-facing street line of less than 40 feet, or having its frontage at the intersection of a north-facing street line with either an east- or west-facing street line, the major portion must front on the east- or west-facing street line.

However, the orientation restrictions may be modified if the Chairperson of the City Planning Commission finds that the orientation regulations would conflict with mandatory street wall regulations or that the modifications would result in better access to light and air for the public plaza.