Design Standards

Design standards for plazas, residential plazas and urban plazas developed prior to October 17, 2007, are located in APPENDIX E of this Resolution.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the applicable provisions of APPENDIX E shall be superseded as follows:

(a)        all plazas, residential plazas and urban plazas shall provide an information plaque that contains a public space symbol and required text that matches the dimensions and graphic standards provided in the Privately Owned Public Space Signage file from the Required Signage Symbols page on the Department of City Planning website. Such symbol and required text shall include the phrase “Open To Public” and shall be provided with a highly contrasting background, in a format that ensures legibility. Additional requirements and review procedures for privately owned public space signage systems are specified in Title 62, Chapter 11, of the Rules of the City of New York;

(b)        the introduction of moveable tables and chairs pursuant to Section 37-626 (Moveable tables and chairs) shall be permitted within plazas, and shall not constitute a design change pursuant to Section 37-625 (Design changes).