Additional Regulations for Required Spaces When Provided Off Site

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In all districts, as indicated, when required accessory off- street parking spaces are provided off the site in accordance with the provisions of Sections 36-42 (Off-site Spaces for Residences), 36-43 (Off-site Spaces for Commercial or Community Facility Uses) or 36-44 (Joint and Shared Facilities), the following additional regulations shall apply:

(a)        such spaces shall be in the same ownership (single fee ownership or alternative ownership arrangements of the zoning lot definition in Section 12-10) as the use to which they are accessory, and shall be subject to deed restrictions filed in an office of record, binding the owner and his heirs and assigns to maintain the required number of spaces available throughout the life of such use; and

(b)        such spaces shall conform to all applicable regulations of the district in which they are located.