Maximum distance from zoning lot

C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6

In the districts indicated, all such spaces shall not be further than the distance set forth in the following table from the nearest boundary of the zoning lot occupied by the residences to which they are accessory.


Maximum Distance from the Zoning Lot

C1-1 C1-2 C1-3 C2-1 C2-2 C2-3 C3 C4-1 C4-2 C4-3

600 feet

C1-4 C1-5 C1-6 C1-7 C1-8 C1-9 C2-4 C2-5 C2-6 C2-7 C2-8 C4-4 C4-5 C4-6 C4-7 C5 C6

1,000 feet