Modification of Maximum Size of Accessory Group Parking Facilities

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In all districts, as indicated, a group parking facility may contain additional spaces not to exceed 50 percent of the maximum number otherwise permitted under the provisions of Section 36-12 (Maximum Size of Accessory Group Parking Facilities), if the Commissioner of Buildings determines that such facility:

(a)        has separate vehicular entrances and exits thereto, located not less than 25 feet apart;

(b)        if accessory to a commercial or community facility use, is located on a street not less than 60 feet in width; and

(c)        if accessory to a commercial use, has adequate reservoir space at the entrance to accommodate a minimum of 10 automobiles.

The Commissioner of Buildings shall establish appropriate additional regulations with respect to the design of such facility to minimize adverse effects on the character of the surrounding area such as requirements for shielding of floodlights.

The provisions of this Section shall not apply to accessory off-street parking spaces provided in public parking garages in accordance with the provisions of Section 36-57 (Accessory Off- street Parking Spaces in Public Garages).