Applicability of regulations in C4-1 Districts

In C4-1 Districts, for zoning lots having a lot area in excess of four acres, all group parking facilities that are accessory to commercial developments or enlargements shall be subject to authorization by the City Planning Commission to assure that the layout of such parking spaces is arranged and located in relation to the use or uses to which such spaces are accessory, so as to provide adequate ingress, egress and circulation with respect to abutting streets or uses.

For such zoning lots, the Commission may also authorize a reduction of the parking requirement of Section 36-21 (General Provisions) by an amount not to exceed 50 percent, provided that the Commission finds that the applicant has demonstrated that the proposed parking is sufficient for the use proposed.

Furthermore, notwithstanding the applicability requirements of Sections 36-58 (Parking Lot Maneuverability and Curb Cut Regulations), paragraph (a), and 37-91, the Commission shall find that such group parking facilities of any size comply with the maneuverability and landscaping provisions of Sections 36-58 and 37-90 (PARKING LOTS), inclusive. For group parking facilities accessory to enlargements, the Commission may authorize modifications or waivers of such provisions, provided the Commission finds that:

(a)        maneuverability and curb cut regulations have been complied with to the maximum extent practicable;

(b)        the amount of perimeter landscaped areas have been provided to the maximum extent practicable;

(c)        the amount of interior planting islands and their distribution throughout the parking lot have been provided to the maximum extent practicable; and

(d)        perimeter landscaped areas and interior planting islands have been engineered to absorb storm water runoff to the maximum extent practicable.

The Commission may request reports from licensed engineers and landscape architects in considering such modifications.