Basic Height and Setback Modifications

C1 C2 C4 C5 C6

In C1 or C2 Districts mapped within R6 through R10 Districts without a letter suffix, and in Commercial Districts with a residential equivalent of R6 through R10 without a letter suffix, height and setback regulations are modified as follows:

(a)        no front yard is required for any portion of a building in a Commercial District, except as otherwise provided in Section 35-51 (Modification of Front Yard Requirements). Therefore, in applying the height and setback regulations in districts where the height of buildings or other structures is governed by sky exposure planes, such sky exposure plane, which in a Residence District would be measured from a point above the front yard line, may be measured from a point above the street line. The maximum height of a front wall within the initial setback distance shall be the maximum height for front walls permitted in the applicable district for a residential, commercial or community facility building, whichever permits the greatest maximum height;

(b)        in cases where the provisions of paragraph (a) of Section 34-233 (Special provisions applying along district boundaries) apply, as set forth in Section 35-51, the sky exposure plane is measured from a point above the front yard line; and

(c)        in C1-8, C1-9, C2-7 or C2-8 Districts, or in C1 or C2 Districts mapped within R9 or R10 Districts, the provisions of Section 23-642 (Alternate front setbacks) shall not apply to any development or enlargement with more than 25 percent of its total floor area occupied by residential use.