Height and Setback Provisions for C7 Districts

For C7 Districts, a building or other structure shall not exceed the maximum base heights or maximum building height set forth in paragraph (a) of this Section. A setback is required for all portions or buildings or other structures that exceed the maximum base height specified in paragraph (a) and shall be provided in accordance with paragraph (b). In districts without a maximum height limit, the tower provisions set forth in paragraph (c) shall apply. 

  1. Maximum base heights and maximum building heights

    The table below sets forth the maximum base heights and maximum building or other structure heights.



    Base Height
    (in feet)

    Maximum Height of
    Buildings or other Structures
    (in feet)

    C7-1 45 65
    C7-2 65 95
    C7-3 95 125
    C7-4 125 155
    C7-5 155 205
    C7-6 155 245
    C7-7 155 325
    C7-8 C7-9 155 N/A

    In addition, for zoning lots with a lot area greater than or equal to 20,000 square feet, a building may exceed the maximum building heights established in such table by 25 percent.
  2. Any portion of a building above the maximum base height shall provide a setback with a depth of at least 10 feet from any street wall fronting on a wide street and a depth of at least 15 feet from any street wall fronting on a narrow street. However, such setback requirement may be modified as follows:
    1. the depth of such required setback may be reduced by one foot for every foot that the street wall is located beyond the street line, but in no event shall a setback of less than seven feet in depth be provided, except as otherwise set forth in this Section. To allow street wall articulation, where a street wall is divided into different segments and located at varying depths from the street line, such permitted setback reduction may be applied to each street wall portion separately;
    2. the depth of such required setbacks may include the depth of recesses in the street wall of the building base, provided that the aggregate width of any such recessed portion of a street wall with a setback less than seven feet, does not exceed 30 percent of the aggregate width of street wall# at any level;
    3. these setback provisions are optional for any building that either is located beyond 50 feet of a street line or oriented so that lines drawn perpendicular to it, in plan, would intersect a street line at an angle of 65 degrees or less. In the case of an irregular street line, the line connecting the most extreme points of intersection shall be deemed to be the street line#; and
    4. dormers may penetrate a required setback area, provided that the aggregate width of all dormers at the maximum base height does not exceed 40 percent of the width of the street wall of the highest story entirely below the maximum base height#. Such dormers need not decrease in width as the height above the maximum base height increases.
  3. Towers

    For buildings in C7-8 and C7-9 Districts, no maximum height limit shall apply. However, any portion of a building above a height of 350 feet shall have a maximum lot coverage of 50 percent of the lot area of the zoning lot