Minimum Required Side Yards

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In all districts, as indicated, no side yards are required. However, if an open area extending along a side lot line is provided at any level, it shall be either:

(a)        at least eight feet wide at every point; or

(b)        at least five feet wide at every point, with an average width of eight feet, such average being the mean of the width of the open area at its narrowest point and its width at its widest point, provided that:

(1)        such widest point shall be on a street line;

(2)        no portion of a building shall project beyond a straight line connecting such two points; and

(3)        in the case of a zoning lot bounded by a side lot line extending from street to street, such average shall be computed and such open area shall be provided as though each half of such side lot line bounded a separate zoning lot.

The allowances for permitted obstructions in any yard or rear yard equivalent set forth in Section 33-23 (Permitted Obstructions in Required Yards or Rear Yard Equivalents), shall be permitted in such open areas.