Use Group 7

C2 C6* C8

Use Group 7 consists primarily of home maintenance or repair services which:

(1)        fulfill recurrent needs of residents in nearby areas;

(2)        have a relatively small service area and are, therefore, widely distributed throughout the City; and

(3)        are incompatible in primary retail districts since they break the continuity of retail frontage.

A. Transient Accommodations

Motels, tourist cabins or boatels** [PRC-H]

In C2 Districts, each motel or tourist cabin shall be located on a zoning lot in whole or in part within a 1,000 foot radius of the entrance or exit of a limited-access expressway, freeway, parkway or highway, all of which prohibit direct vehicular access to abutting land and provide complete separation of conflicting traffic flows, measured from the centerline of the entrance or exit ramp at its intersection with the nearest adjacent street

B. Retail or Service Establishments

Bicycle rental or repair shops [PRC-B1]

Electrical, glazing, heating, painting, paper hanging, plumbing, roofing or ventilating contractors' establishments, limited to 2,500 square feet of floor area per establishment [PRC-B1]

Exterminators [PRC-B1]

Funeral establishments [PRC-H]

Gun repairs [PRC-B1]

Monument sales establishments, with incidental processing to order, but not including the shaping of headstones [PRC-C]

Moving or storage offices, with storage limited to items for retail sale and to 1,500 square feet of floor area per establishment [PRC-B1]

Refreshment stands, drive-in [PRC-H]

Sailmaking establishments [PRC-C]

Sign painting shops, limited to 2,500 square feet of floor area per establishment [PRC-B1]

Taxidermist shops [PRC-B1]

Trade embalmers [PRC-B1]

Venetian blind, window shade or awning shops, custom, limited to 2,500 square feet of floor area per establishment [PRC-B1]

Window cleaning contractors' establishments, including floor waxing and other similar building maintenance services [PRC-B1]

C. Wholesale Establishments

Wholesale establishments, with not more than 1,500 square feet of accessory storage per establishment [PRC-B1]

D. Auto Service Establishments

Automobile glass and mirror shops [PRC-B1]

Automobile seat cover or convertible top establishments, selling or installation [PRC-B1]

Electric vehicle charging stations and automotive battery swapping facilities [PRC-B1]

Tire sales establishments, including installation services [PRC-B1]

E. Accessory uses

*        In a C6-1A District, uses in Use Group 7 are not permitted

**        Subject to the provisions of Section 32-02 (Special Provisions for Hotels)