Use Groups 1 and 2

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Use Groups 1 and 2, as set forth in Sections 22-11 and 22-12. However, in C3A Districts, Use Group 2 shall be limited to single- or two-family detached or zero lot line residences.

In lower density growth management areas in the Borough of Staten Island, except C3A Districts, Use Groups 1 and 2 shall be permitted only within mixed buildings. However, no residences shall be allowed on the following zoning lots, except by special permit pursuant to Section 74-49 (Residential Use in C4-1 Districts in Staten Island):

(a)        any zoning lot in a C4-1 District, where such district occupies at least four acres within a block; or

(b)        any other zoning lot in a C4-1 District, where such zoning lot had a lot area greater than 20,000 square feet on December 21, 2005, or on any subsequent date.