Entrances, Parking Location and Curb Cuts

The entrances and exits of all private roads shall be located not less than 50 feet from the intersection of any two street lines.

No required accessory off-street parking spaces shall be located between the required curbs of a private road, except where such spaces:

(a)        are perpendicular to the roadbed;

(b)        are located on only one side of a private road or portion of a private road, so that no such spaces are located on opposite sides of the road bed or within 20 feet of being opposite to one another; and

(c)        are within rows of not more than 10 adjacent spaces. Such rows shall be separated one from another by a planting strip at least 18 feet deep and eight feet wide, within which a tree of at least three-inch caliper is planted.

All accessory off-street parking spaces shall comply with the parking location and curb cut regulations set forth in Section 25-632. For the purposes of applying such regulations, the private road shall be considered to be a street. In addition, the provisions of Sections 25-64 (Restrictions on Use of Open Space for Parking) and 25-66 (Screening) shall apply.