Curb Cuts

No curb cuts are permitted on wide streets.  Curb cuts are permitted along narrow streets provided that no zoning lot has more than one curb cut on any narrow street frontage.

Additional curb cuts, in excess of one for each narrow street frontage, for zoning lots in excess of 30,000 square feet of lot area, or curb cuts on wide streets for zoning lots that have no narrow street frontage may be allowed, provided that the City Planning Commission and the Department of Transportation certify to the Commissioner of Buildings that such additional curb cuts will not result in conflict between pedestrian and vehicular circulation and will result in a good overall site plan.

An application to the Commission for certification respecting any additional curb cut shall be made on a standard application form for such certification and shall be accompanied by a site plan drawn to a scale of at least one sixteenth inch to a foot, showing the size and location of the proposed curb cut.  The Commission shall furnish a copy of the application for such certification to the affected Community Board at the earliest possible stage and will give due consideration to their opinion as to the appropriateness of such curb cuts.

In cases where a zoning lot has no narrow street frontage, the Commission may waive the applicable accessory off-street parking requirements of Section 25-23 (Requirements Where Group Parking Facilities Are Provided).

The parking requirements set forth in Sections 25-21, 25-31 or 36-31 shall not apply to any development for which the Commissioner of Buildings has certified that there is no way to provide the required parking spaces with access to a street in conformity with the provisions of this Section.